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9-3 Radio & Rear Window Louvers for 900C

PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:32 pm
by VillageSaab
OEM Factory CD Player from a 01' 9-3 Great Condition. No surface scratches, all the lights work, and I have the VIN# from the car it came out of. I bought to replace the aftermarket CD player that came with my 9-3. After given some time I like the aftermarket unit in my car enough to avoid the cost of putting the OEM unit in. I paid $100.00 would like to get $65.00

I also have a set of rear window Louvers for a Classic 900. I was saving them because they are not the easiest thing to find now a days. Have brakets and bolts. Are in pretty good condition. I would like to get 100.00 for them.

I can send some Pictures via E-mail .