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This is a place to post your non Saab/car specific topics.


Postby metrognome » Mon Dec 01, 2008 4:32 pm

Didn't we used to have a "sightings" thread?

1. Saw a 9-5 at Jax Beach on Saturday that had a faux-bo-bo-Euro plate on the front that said "SNAAB." Driven by a middle-aged woman. Do we know who this is? I'm thinking Mr. Utz' wife.

2. Bumped into an older guy at the gas station on Univ. Blvd. the other day. He asked me how I liked my car. He then told me he used to work for Nimnicht and was a fan (even though he was driving a big GMC truck). He also said he once owned a 1970 Sonett that would outrun Mustangs till about 60 mph.
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