My Thanks to AIT

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My Thanks to AIT

Postby Griffin » Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:44 am

I would like to express my thanks to Ted and Big Mike for helping me on Saturday. We rebuilt the entire rear end of my car. Donated Calipers, Brakes, Springs, Shocks the whole nine yards. I got a few pictures and I will upload them later. The highlight had to be when Big mike and I were pushing ted in car that we had gotten the donated rear calipers from. We pushed him out of the garage and into the parking lot. We were then pushing the car into's parking space which had a curb and then a small hill after that curb. So Big mike and I decided to be a pair of jackasses as ted called it and pushed the car up and over the curb. We thought we were only going to get the front wheels off but it turned out we got the entire car over the curb and down the hill while ted was driving with no made the day.

All in all it was probably close to 6 something when I left. So thanks for helping me guys I really appreciate it. Now to get the fronts done.
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