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We're Chinese now.

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We're Chinese now.

Postby metrognome » Fri Oct 28, 2011 1:42 pm

VM puts a positive spin on the news if you listen to the interview. I don't know what it all means, but I'm a little pessimistic. It seems like things are going well for Volvo though, so who knows? What's your take?

http://inside.saab.com/victor-muller-sp ... saab-sale/
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Re: We're Chinese now.

Postby GB24Hours » Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:10 pm

IF proper agreements were made to keep most of the control, manufacturing, and decision-making in Trollhatten, and to excute the business plan laid out at the beginning of 2010, then it should be fine.

If not, well then, we'll have to keep our current cars running indefinitely.
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Re: We're Chinese now.

Postby StrictlySaab » Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:32 pm

Think if they give FUNDING but let Saab continue to be Saab and do Saab things. We should be good.

Im sort of torn on this whole thing myself. Seems like an oxymoron to me. The Chinese who are known for crap manufacturing, no regard for patents or copywrite with the pure intent to make purchases to drain technology from purchased companies. Now owning one of the safest vehicle companies in the world. Ever visit Harbor Freight? <shakes head>

As much as I like seeing Saab "survive" today, a whole other part of me wishes GM closed them back a year ago and gently put her in the ground. For the last year or so I stopped reading the rollercoaster news mill of SaabsUnited where people seemed overly optimistic thinking even if funded Saab will survive. Ever hear of brand image? When was the last car manufacturer that closed doors for 7 months that made it. Most buyers willing to dump $50k on a new Saab are also smart enough to see a good and poor investment of their money. Saabs brand image is quite, very tattered and torn. Surviving to me is more than being fed money down a tube shoved down your throat living on life support just looking for another breath to make it the next day.

That said, I cant say im either unhappy or happy. Will have to see how long of a leash they allow Saab to be on and where they put their stake in the ground.

Im done when a pop rivet gun and drill becomes used more than a common wrench. God I hate pop rivets, even though the Brits invented them.
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Re: We're Chinese now.

Postby UTZMAN » Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:55 pm

Volvo seems to be doing OK as a Chinese company and I like their new Style and direction. Just look at the new S60 and other models that are bringing Volvo back in a huge way. Geely (Volvo owners) seem to be leaving the Swedes alone yet taking the best of Volvo and implementing it in China. They are building plants in China but keeping most of the design and intellectual property in Sweden and the core branding together. If Pang Da and Youngerman let SAAB management and employees execute their original business plan then I think SAAB can be a successful car company again. They certainly seem to have the deep pockets to sustain operations for the next 2+ years and I am looking forward to the BMW turbo 4 engine and the new 9-3. I also believe that there are enough SAAB loyalists remaining (some in hiding the last decade plus) and a whole new market of affluent Chinese buyers who can not only sustain, but bring the brand back in a big way despite the huge hit to its brand image. 100,000 cars per year (SAAB's original target for breakeven) is not alot of annual sales for worldwide markets when you include China and a mature/native distribution channel. I calculated that I've owned/leased 12 SAABS over the last nearly 25 years (4 at one time) and they have kept my family safe, saved one young daughter from the hospital, been very efficient and relatively economical for a luxury brand, yet very sylish, unique to say the least and fun as hell to drive. I hope to buy another 12 SAABS in the next 25 years. Funny, my wife accuses me of trying to single handedly save SAAB, but I've had alot of fun doing it! Have you ever driven a Toyota Prius? A Chevy Malibu? A Ford Escape? Not me............
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