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I've been TAG'D

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I've been TAG'D

Postby SufferingSaab » Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:17 pm

Hello! Just curious as to who placed the card on my SAAB. I'm in Jax off Girvin Rd and my car WAS IN MY GARAGE when you put the card under the wiper!!!!!!!! :shock: :?:

Actually, I'm a friendly guy and don't really mind seeing as nothing is missing and I could always use some company when I'm working on the car. But....I really didn't appreciate my wife going on and on and on about me leaving the garage door open. Anyways, to the good Saab Samaritan of Sterling Ridge: Stop by and say hi sometime.

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Re: I've been TAG'D

Postby 88SPG » Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:21 pm

Welcome to our club. Not sure who the card ninja was but it is always good to have another member. What kind of Saab do you drive?
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Re: I've been TAG'D

Postby GB24Hours » Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:27 am

Well I don't live up that way, but I can't imagine that anyone here would creep into your garage to put a card under the wiper.

I know I have driven from one place to another without realising something had been put under my wiper in a parking lot.

We are glad that you're here, though. I, personally, would be ticked off if someone from a message board trespassed on my property. I don't think we have anyone here who would do that.

Try not to read too much into this... but I think the card was probably put under the wiper while the car was parked in a public place.

Glenn (nice name, huh? ;) )
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Re: I've been Ninja'd

Postby SufferingSaab » Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:58 am

@88SPG: I've got a 2000 9-5 SE. Actually it's my wife's car but since we got married I have become the primary mechanic. Ocassionally I get permission to drive it. Got to understand, my wife is the kind of woman who thinks that using the cruise control will wear it out and SPORT mode will destroy the tranny. Me?.....I never leave SPORT mode. I make up some of the lost milage by using the cruise control on the highway. Really hate the mechanical problems that seem to plague this beast...but she sure do got scoot and turns like she's on rails! 8-)

@GB: Sorry, but it was definately put on in the garage. I washed her two days ago and pulled into the garage for drying and waxing. She hasn't been out since. Not reading too much into being "ninja'd". I'm not really offended or even bothered. My wife.....that's a different story.

Anyone here have experience with the wonderful bosch 5.3 ABS module failure? I got a replacement from the pick and pull (ACE down on 17 has a '99 9-5, a 9-3, a couple of 9000's and a few 900's) but the speedo is flatlined and the associated lights are still on. No codes showing on my OBD2 so the "new" module appears to be communicating to the rest of the car. Someone suggested that it may take hooking up a TECH 2 to "tell" the car to accept the new module. Anyone think this has merrit? Is OP SAAB up to dealing with this or will they try to sell me a $1300+ ABS assembly?
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Re: I've been TAG'D

Postby metrognome » Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:34 am

Hi there, Suffering Saab. I am probably the closest to your area, as I live on the Southside, but I wouldn't creep into anyone's garage to put a card on their windshield. I'm glad you're with us though, and I hope maybe you'll drop by OP Saab Saturday for the Saab Independence Day celebration. Some of us will be there. Look for the really cool t-shirts!

OP Saab will try to sell you a new module. Call Chris at AIT Swedish performance for possible help with this: 222-1278. Tell him Scott sent you.
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