Hope to have some new members from Palm Coast

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Hope to have some new members from Palm Coast

Postby metrognome » Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:38 pm

I answered an ad in the Palm Coast Craigslist a couple days ago by a guy selling seats out of a 9-5 that had only 50k miles on it. The price was right, so I jumped on it. Went down there today and met Alex and his brother Genya (not sure if that's seplled right), who are about my age and from Russia. They're also very friendly and seem to be pretty interested in Saabs. Both own black 1999 9-5s that are in the middle of getting fixed up after being not too well treated by previous owners. They really like the cars, but they both expressed frustration with the cost of doing repairs and the number of problems they'd had as well as a lack of knowledgeble people in the area to talk to when needing help. So I told them all about the club and am very much hoping they will join and drop in on the forums. I also referred them to Ted, of course, so I am hoping that will turn out to be beneficial to them as well.

Anyway, if they show up here, let's give them a warm welcome.
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