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The future?

Feel free to post up any questions or concerns you have about the club.

The future?

Postby metrognome » Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:16 am

I was just informed by our good friend Justin that Orange Park Cadillac is no longer offering parts or service for SAAB. This is going to be a huge blow to many SAAB owners in our area. According to Justin, the nearest dealers are now in Palm Beach and Clearwater.

I keep thinking that the circumstances sourrounding SAAB should drive more people to our club looking for resources, help and advice. If it hasn't happened yet, I think it will happen. But we're not really organized, active or involved enough to be of much help. We have this forum, and that's about it. Those who aren't as internet savvy/active will probably not use this forum as much as they should.

So I'm just thinking out loud here, really. What can we do to make the club more active and more visible? I feel like this is a good opportunity for the club to grow and really start to serve its purpose, but we need to do a better job of seizing that opportunity.

Add your thoughts and comments below and let's start talking about it.
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